Friday, January 22, 2016

UPDATE: Elder Duvall's companion is Elder Yeager and his first area is Centreville 1st Ward

I was so excited last night (January 21st) when I received the following communication
 and picture from Sister Brenda Gore from the Centreville 1st Ward:

Hello Sister Duvall, your wonderful missionary is here in the Centreville 1st ward. We are taking good care of him. He and Elder Yeager are set with food and all other things they need to get through the crazy weekend we are about to have! We are excited to get to know Elder Duvall!!! Thank you for sending your son! -Brenda Gore"
I replied"Oh my goodness! How cool is that! So are you a member of the Centreville 1st ward? Did you have him over for dinner today? You must have missionaries out serving yourself if you would do this for a missionary mom!!! You just made my day! Thank you so much!Yes, we hear there is a huge storm coming like they're expecting 30 inches of snow this weekend! I do hope the missionaries are safe and that they don't have to ride bikes in the near future!"
Sister Gore replied: "I am member if the Centreville 1st ward. Unfortunately for us they had a dinner appointment with another family. But I had collected a bunch of food for them for the weekend since they will likely not be able to get to their dinner appointments. They stopped by to get their food, so we were able to meet your son. They were out visiting families with our Bishop tonight. Our son returned in July from serving in the California Redlands mission and our oldest daughter is in the California Roseville mission, Redding Area, she has been out about 2 months. I doubt they will be riding bikes until later next week. It will take a while until the roads are clear enough to ride a bike. "
I responded to Sister Gore: "Thank you for taking care of the missionaries!  Elder Duvall's twin sister will be receiving her mission call sometime in the near future. Her call has been assigned but has not been received yet."  
Sister Gore replied: "How exciting to be waiting for a mission call for your daughter!!! We love the missionaries, I wanted you to know that there are many people here who will be looking out for him." 

January 21st 2016 Elder Duvall and Elder Yeager- Centreville 1st Ward

Elder Duvall's first area is the Centreville 1st Ward in Centreville, VA

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  1. Hello sister Duvall I just came across son is elder Yeäger, I just want you to know that ward member take unbelievable care of the missionaries and the mission president and wife are awesome. Elder Yeäger says so many great things about them. We are from Utah and my son is excited to serve, he has been out since sept, I am sure they will have a blast and a lot of great stories! Take care!