Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017 Another Great Week!

Hey everyone!

It's been a good, busy week! We had a few Zone Conferences throughout the mission and it was fun going down to Woodbridge and up to Ashburn, two parts of the mission I haven't been to yet.

Life as a missionary is going great! We are trying our best to find joy and happiness in every day, pointing out things at the end of the day that made us happy.

Here's Hannah! It was so cool to see her
walking on the side of the road!

We had a cool experience the other day. We were driving on our way to a couple of appointments and along the side of the road I saw someone walking, who looked familiar. From a distance I couldn't tell who it was but right as we drove past, I recognized her. It was Hannah! She was an investigator from Sierra Leone that I taught for a few months last year in the Alexandria 2nd/Lincolnia Ward. So we quickly did a U-turn and pulled over to the side of the road. I jumped out of the car and before I said anything she recognized me and was so happy to see me! She was pretty surprised! Apparently she recently moved and is now living in this area. I couldn't believe the timing of seeing her. That was a cool tender mercy! We taught her a lot, and she attended a couple baptisms that we had, and came to church a few times, but was never baptized. She told me that she still wants to do it though! There's just been so many other things that came up in her life that stopped her from progressing. Hopefully we can start teaching her again regularly and help her come back to church.

Our church building is the only LDS chapel
with this picture. The building is only a mile or two
from George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate.

We were only able to have one lesson with Robert this week, but it went really well. He's still soaking everything up that he's learning. It's so fun to teach people who are genuinely engaged in a lesson, asking questions, with a strong desire to understand the message and how it applies to them.

We street contacted this Ghanaian guy, who once he saw us asked "were you two in Ghana 2 weeks ago? You look familiar!" He told us he was meeting with missionaries in Ghana right before coming here. That's actually happened quite a few times. Most people that we meet from Ghana have met missionaries in their country before coming here. It's cool to see how missionary work is going really strong there right now.

Another cool person we met on the streets was this young mother, whose name is actually Dada, from the Congo. We started asking her some questions, and found out she doesn't read English that well, even though she speaks it perfectly fine. We just happened to have a French Book of Mormon and French pamphlet in our car, so we went and grabbed it for her. When we were introducing it to her, she was fascinated and said "where can I buy one of these?" We then told her that was hers to keep, for free, and she was just so happy! It feels good to bring joy to people like that, in such simple ways.

If everything works out, I'll be going back to the Lincolnia Ward is Saturday for the baptism of Desmond, another person Elder Judkins and I taught for a while. So I'm excited for that!

This transfer, each Pday, Elder Ure and I will be at the mission home for Zone activities that are happening this transfer. It's fun to be here with all the missionaries! I love you all! Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Jeremy Duvall
Washington DC South Mission


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